Submit Final Broker/Title Fees – Pre-TRID loans only (All Broker Applications completed prior to 10/03/2015)

  • Fee Schedule

  • Partial Impounds are not allowed
  • Fee Section

    Fees must match initial GFE unless valid Changed Circumstances have occurred with proper GFE Re-disclosure by HomeBridge along with borrower confirmation to proceed.

    GFE Block 1 – Origination Charge

  • Must be listed as "Mortgage Broker Fee" in New York and Florida.
  • GFE Block 2 – Credit or Charge for Specific Interest Rate

  • A discount charge for a specific interest rate can only be charged by the Lender.
  • GFE Block 3 – Required Services selected by Broker or HomeBridge

  • GFE Block 4 – Title Services

  • GFE Block 5 – Owners Title Policy

  • Required on all purchases
  • GFE Block 6 – Required Services Borrower Can Shop For

  • GFE Block 7 – Government Recording Charges

  • GFE Block 8 – Transfer Tax (Zero Tolerance)

  • GFE Block 11 – Homeowners Insurance Premium

  • Additional Charges Not Required to be on the GFE

  • By submitting, the accounting of final broker and title fees will be automatically emailed to the Account Manager.