For your convenience, below are regularly used forms when doing business with HomeBridge Wholesale.

Submission Forms

Emerging Banker/NDC Submission Forms

General Forms

4506-T Form Rev. September 2018 Affiliated Service Provider Fee Certification Appraisal Waiver Disclosure – Non-DU Refi Plus Borrower Certification Business Purpose of Investment Property Borrower Escrow Credit Authorization HB to HB FHA Transactions Only Broker Compensation and Fee Certification Broker Compensation Election Form for Non Approved Brokers Broker Owned Escrow Application Changed Circumstance Coronavirus (COVID-19) Borrower Certification: NDC or EB drawing docs ONLY Credit Inquiries on Credit Report Borrower Certification Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac Builder-Contractor Certification Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac Completion of Construction Certification Federal Collection Policy Notice (Form 26-0503) FHA HOA Condo Project Certification Gift Letter Home Possible Homeownership Education Certification - Freddie Mac Exhibit 20 HomeReady Certificate of Completion of Pre-purchase Housing Counseling (FNMA Form 1017) HUD/VA Addendum To URLA (HUD Form 92900-A / VA Form 26-1802a) Lock Request Form - Manual Louisiana Intervention Affidavit (SAMPLE) Notice of Intent to Proceed Notice of Right to Receive Copy Appraisal Processor Contact Form (For Use When Requesting Hombridge Prepare Initial Disclosures in P.A.T.H.) Request For Certificate of Eligibility (Form 26-1880) Request for Closing Disclosure SSA-89 Form (Authorization for SSA to Release SSN Verification) Pre-Populated USDA Borrower Questionnaire and Income Eligibility Worksheet USDA Lender Agent Role Request USDA Request for Single Family Housing Loan Guarantee (Form 3555-21) Your Home Loan Toolkit Delivery Certification (Jumbo and Jumbo Flex Loans Only; not for use on Expanded or Simple Access programs - see Expanded/Simple Access below for applicable version)

Condo Specific

Expanded Plus and Elite Plus Specific

Simple Access Specific

VA Specific:

Renovation Forms