For your convenience, below are regularly used forms when doing business with HomeBridge Wholesale.

General Forms

4506-C Form September 2020 Affiliated Service Provider Fee Certification Anti-Steering Loan Options Disclosure Appraisal Waiver Disclosure Borrower Certification Business Purpose of Investment Property Borrower Escrow Credit Authorization - HB to HB Transactions Only Broker Compensation and Fee Certification Broker Compensation Election Form for Non Approved Brokers Broker Owned Escrow Application Changed Circumstance COVID-19 Borrower Certification: NDC or EB drawing docs ONLY Credit Inquiries on Credit Report Borrower Certification Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac Builder-Contractor Certification Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac Completion of Construction Certification Federal Collection Policy Notice (Form 26-0503) FEMA Disaster Declaration Borrower Affidavit of No Damage - Kentucky ONLY FEMA Disaster Declaration Borrower Affidavit of No Damage - Montana ONLY FEMA Disaster Declaration Borrower Affidavit of No Damage - Oklahoma ONLY FHA HOA Condo Project Certification Gift Letter Homebridge Certification - Use of 3.2 File Home Possible Homeownership Education Certification - Freddie Mac Exhibit 20 HomeReady Certificate of Completion of Pre-purchase Housing Counseling (FNMA Form 1017) HUD 92900-A Addendum to the URLA dated 2-2021 (Use for FHA transactions ONLY - see VA Addendum to URLA below) Lock Request Form - Manual Louisiana Intervention Affidavit (SAMPLE) Notice of Intent to Proceed Notice of Right to Receive Copy Appraisal Request For Certificate of Eligibility (Form 26-1880) Request for Closing Disclosure SSA-89 Form (12-2020) Authorization for SSA to Release SSN Verification (Pre-Populated) Tax Return Affidavit VA Addendum To URLA (Form VA Form 26-1802a dated 6-2016) Wisconsin Property Tax Escrow Option Your Home Loan Toolkit Delivery Certification (Jumbo/Jumbo AUS and Jumbo Elite ONLY; Not for use on Simple Access

Fannie Mae SOFR ARM Disclosures

Condo Specific

Simple Access Specific

Jumbo Elite and Jumbo/Jumbo AUS ARM Disclosures

USDA Specific

USDA Forms

VA Specific:

Renovation Forms