Coronavirus (COVID-19) Borrower Closing Certification

Homebridge will require a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Borrower Certification to be provided with closing documents on all transactions, including non-credit qualifying loans.

The Borrower Certification, signed by all borrower(s), attests the borrower(s) has not had and does not anticipate any adverse change in their financial position due to COVID-19

Brokered Transactions and EB Transactions and Homebridge Draws Closing Documents

Homebridge will provide a cover letter and the Certification for borrower review with the initial Closing Disclosure advising borrowers of the Certification that will be required at closing.  The borrower is not required to sign and return the Certification provided with the CD.

  • If a borrower chooses to not sign the Certification at loan closing, the cover letter will advise the borrower to contact the Broker, who should then notify their Homebridge Account Manager and the closing will not proceed
  • If the borrower does not contact the Broker, the closing will proceed, and the Certification is signed by the borrower(s) at closing

NDC Transactions and EB Transactions Drawing Own Closing Documents

The NDC/EB is responsible to provide the Borrower Certification.  The Homebridge Borrower Certification or an NDC/EB version that contains similar language, is acceptable

The Homebridge Borrower Certification is attached for reference (see PDF) and will also be posted under General Forms, on the Forms page of the Homebridge website at www.HomebridgeWholesale.com

Effective Dates

  • Brokered and EB Transactions (Homebridge draws docs): Effective for transactions where the initial CD as not been sent as of the evening of Thursday, April 23, 2020
  • NDC and EB Transactions (EB draws docs): Required for all document packages dated Monday, April 27, 2020 and later.  The signed Certification is required for the file to be purchased by Homebridge


If you have any questions, please contact your Account Executive.