Fannie Mae DU 9.1 Updates

HomeBridge is updating its guidelines to align with the release of Fannie Mae’s DU 9.1 updates.  Fannie Mae will be updating a number of policies and DU messaging the weekend of August 16, 2014.

DU Foreclosure Message Updates

The initial release of DU 9.1 included an enhancement to DU that allowed users to instruct DU to disregard foreclosure information on the credit report when the credit report listed both a foreclosure and a pre-foreclosure sale subject to documenting the foreclosure information was inaccurate (i.e. the property was actually subject to a deed-in-lieu or pre-foreclosure sale/short sale).

NOTE:  The ability to disregard the foreclosure is only eligible when both a foreclosure and pre-foreclosure are listed on the credit report.

DU Findings with Foreclosure AND Pre-foreclosure Identified







With the DU 9.1 update additional information pertaining to the inaccurate foreclosure information on the credit report may be added to DU as noted below:

  • Foreclosure information is inaccurate: The HomeBridge underwriter will add “Confirmed CR FC Incorrect