Hurricane Ida Reinspection Flexibilities

Homebridge is providing additional reinspection options for properties located in one of the New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania counties identified in the major Disaster Declarations issued by FEMA for Hurricane Ida.

These flexibilities ONLY apply to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac purchase transactions with an appraisal; they are not applicable to any other program, including Investor Solution

These flexibilities ONLY apply to properties located in the counties included in the FEMA Disaster Declarations issued for New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania due to Hurricane Ida.  There is no change to Homebridge policy for other FEMA Declarations.

In addition to the current options of a 1004D, 2075, or CDAIR completed by an appraiser, an inspection completed by a licensed contractor or home inspector, confirming no damage, is acceptable

When a licensed contractor or home inspector completes an inspection, the following is required in lieu of the 1004D, 2075, or CDAIR:

  • A signed statement from the contractor or home inspector on company letterhead, and
  • The statement must include the subject property address and the date the inspection was completed (the date of the inspection must be after the applicable incident period end date), and
  • The statement must confirm there has been no damage to the property

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Executive