Requesting Homebridge Provide Initial Disclosures in P.A.T.H

Homebridge is updating the information provided in Bulletin 19-53 New Option for P.A.T.H. Loans: Homebridge Provides Initial Disclosures issued December 19, 2019 to expand the disclosure options.

The following Homebridge issued initial disclosure options are now also available:

  • FHA program disclosures, and
  • Conventional ARM disclosures

FHA Program Disclosures

Homebridge will issue FHA disclosures except those listed below, which remain the responsibility of the Broker to provide to borrowers:

  • Purchase Transactions:
    • Lead Based Paint Disclosure, and
    • Amendatory Clause
  • Purchase and Refinance Transactions:
    • ARM disclosures (when applicable)

Conventional Transactions (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)

Homebridge will now issue ARM disclosures on conventional transactions

The following program specific disclosures are not yet available and continue to be the responsibility of the Broker:

  • ARM disclosures for government transactions, and
  • VA and USDA disclosures

The Requesting Homebridge Prepare Initial Disclosures in P.A.T.H. reference guide has been updated and posted on the Homebridge website on the Working with Us page under “Reference Guides – P.A.T.H. Loans