Revised IRS Form 4506-T

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has revised Form 4506-T in conjunction with the changes the IRS made to tax transcripts that are designed to better protect tax payer’s personal information.

The changes to the tax transcripts are expected to be implemented by the IRS in the near future. One of the significant changes is the IRS will no longer include the tax payer’s entire social security number on the tax transcripts; only the last 4 digits will be provided on the transcript.

To review all of the changes the IRS is making to tax transcripts, click here: IRS.gov

The new 4506-T form is dated September 2018, replacing 4506-T form dated July 2017 and is attached for reference (refer to the PDF to view the new 4506-T form).

The updated 4506-T breaks the current Line 5 into two sections; line 5a and line 5b.  Line 5b “Customer file number