USDA Program Property Eligibility

USDA is updating the rural areas eligible under the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing program effective June 4, 2018.

Loan applications dated on and after June 4, 2018 require the property be located in an eligible rural area based on the new USDA Property Eligibility map with specific exceptions as noted below.

Properties that were located in an eligible area prior to June 4th but are in an ineligible area on and after June 4th may still be eligible subject to meeting all of the following requirements:

  • The broker received the application prior to June 4, 2018 and the Loan Estimate was issued within three (3) days of application receipt, and
  • The borrower has a signed valid purchase contract the is dated prior to June 4, 2018, and
  • The borrower meets all other program eligibility requirements

If an “Ineligible