VA IRRRL Program


HomeBridge has replaced Bulletin 13-01 originally issued January 4, 2013 with Bulletin 15-18 to include a new contact representative from Corelogic.  Refer to yellow highlights below.

HomeBridge VA IRRRL program AVM requirements are as follows:

  • A CoreLogic PASS® AVM is now acceptable on the IRRRL program for conforming and high balance loan amounts. A standard deviation of ≤ 18 must be received.  If the standard deviation is > 18, a 2055, from a HomeBridge approved AMC, will be required.

The maximum LTV when using an AVM is 125% (100% for high balance loan amounts).

Brokers are responsible for ordering the AVM and submitting it with the loan. Brokers not currently signed-up with CoreLogic should contact Claudia Dorman at cdorman@corelogic.com to establish an account.  Instructions for ordering a CoreLogic PASS® AVM are located on page 2.  A sample PASS® AVM is attached as Exhibit A.

When the standard deviation is > 18% the 2055 must be ordered through a HomeBridge approved AMC.  To view a list of HomeBridge approved AMCs go to the HomeBridge website at www.homebridgewholesale.com and click on the “Broker Resources