Electronic Signatures – Revised

This Bulletin has been updated to add an additional vendor; refer to the highlight below.

HomeBridge allows electronically executed signatures on all HomeBridge loan programs as detailed below.

Electronic signatures are acceptable on:

  • Purchase contracts,
  • Initial 1003,
  • Initial disclosures including:
    • Notice of Intent to Proceed
    • Borrower Certification and Authorization (in the event a physical borrower signature is required to verify employment HomeBridge will notify the broker)
    • Homeownership Counseling Disclosure
    • Notice of Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal
    • Borrower Certification Business Use of Investment Property
  • Loan Estimate (LE),
  • 4506-T, and
  • Letter of Explanation (LOE)

Electronic signatures are not eligible on the following:

  • Initial 1003 and initial disclosures where a POA is utilized
  • Closing documents

Electronic signatures must be provided by one of the following HomeBridge approved electronic signature vendors:

HomeBridge will require physical signatures at closing on all closing documents.